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A Review of “Papo & Yo” for Linux

A small review of “Papo & Yo” for Linux I made.


Steam Arcade – “Dust: An Elysian Tail”

A shoddy review of “Dust: An Elysian Tale” 🙂


Linux Game Review: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome

Yes, that is the real name of this game.  AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, is literally one of the freshest games I have come across on Steam lately.  I was sceptical to hit the buy button, but with a current price of 4.49 USD for the Steam Holiday Sale, I couldn’t resist.  So, how did it stack up?  Read on for more

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In The Year 2015 – Star Citzen

Someday, someday I hope to see Star Citizen released. As a backer/benefactor of the project, if it does, it will be a long time coming. JoyStiq has a decent rundown over at their site for now.  But dang, those visuals and atmosphere!


Game Time! – Strike Suit Zero for Linux

Strike Suit Zero is one of the better games out on Steam for Linux at the moment.  It features a captivating presentation, superb graphics, and great gameplay.   The opening intro is enough to draw you in for a cheaper priced game such as this.  The sense of scope and flight is right where it should be.  Many of these things over power the negatives I encountered.  On thing I did find odd, is that I never really could die/explode in my craft, and I was hit many times while fussing with the controls.  For an “indie” action game, it is quite well-off.

My only gripe?  The secondary (right) control stick on gamepad controllers like the Xbox 360 controller, is completely non-traditional in respects to other flight games you have ever played.  Instead of controlling pitch/yaw/roll and so on, it essentially moves just like the main (left) flight control stick.  If you are used to FPS games (which employ a similar “strafing” technique) and other games like Ace Combat, you will be left frustrated.  The mouse control method is passable, didn’t feel as strong as the gamepad.

Update: swapping your roll and yaw seems to make things a ton better.  See this post.

All in all though I can’t complain about the game, despite my gamepad “issues” I encountered, which I hope get ironed out in the long run.  I definitely recommend the game as a great Linux game, at a time when support in this area is only increasing.  Never though I’d see the day where so many games are appearing on Linux.


Steam store page:
Official Page:

Helping Hand: Let’s Close Out This Campaign!

This is more of a general post.  I am spamming this here, due to my love of Indie games.   As a Linux user, we owe these folks a ton for filling in the gaps, even currently still with Steam, in our gaming libraries.  From Stealth Bastard, to Intrusion 2, to The Cave, and Ultratron, they make me happy.  Somtimes my short attention span gets the better of me, and Indie games allow me to spend a quick 15,20, or 30 minutes playing a well put together game. 

Often we over look Indie games, but if you are a Linux user, you likely know them all too well.  One such film documentary being produced right now, and seeking funding from the communit is “GAME LOADING: Rise Of The Indies by StudioBent​o.” 

The funding is almost complete.  Support your favorite developers and the film by pleding at :

Game on… _professor

Coin Op: Xonotic for Linux

The overview:

Came across this title today after hearing about it while searching for its precursor (keep in mind this is a fork, not a sequel), Nexuiz.  This game is solid.  It runs fast, it plays fast, and the graphics are very nice.  It still runs off a heavily modified version of the good ol’ Quake engine, but you would hardly know, as it looks that good.  Using the modified engine, the Dark Places engine, Xonotic’s team’s vision is to have the best Open Source FPS game for Linux.  Read on for more…

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Coin Op: Intrusion 2 For Linux (Steam Platform)

Came across Intrusion 2 as a steam download last week, and I have been meaning to play it.  So tonight I sat down and played a few levels.  If Contra and Bionic Commanda married and had a Linux child, this would be it.  It is that good.  I never had so much fun playing a Linux indie game, much less most indie games for steam in a while.  I really enjoyed it that much.  Maybe you won’t like it, maybe you will.

“Intrusion 2 is an action platformer set in a sci-fi environment on a reserve planet occupied by a hostile military corporation conducting forbidden weapon research. Intrusion 2 is inspired by classic 16bit era sidescrollers and focuses on classic fast-paced action combined with modern physics and animation.”   I mean come on…you can ride a FRIGGEN wolf! While you shoot at EVIL BAD GUYS.  Like a Boss.


The game is on steam right now for 9.99 USD.  If you purchased it elsewhere, chances are you can add the game code to steam, and keep your save games in the “cloud” (Again, I hate that word!).

Get it NOW on steam: