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Jeebus Batman, A Linux Security Alert! Linux Backdoor Hides Itself in SSH Chatter

As the old arguments sometimes goes on the Internet, “Linux has great security! You have nothing to worry about!”  While this post is not to install fear, or doubt in Linux Security, it is noteworthy and something to keep in mind.  The malware, detected as “Fokirtor,” to Symantec software secretly cloaks itself in legitimate SSH chatter, avoiding detection for most systems.  With SSH being a common access method into Linux server systems, it was no small matter of concern.  The most widely known incident thus far was an attack back in May of a hosting provider, stealing large amounts of private information. Read the rest of this entry

Watch “Modern Linux Servers with cgroups – Brandon Philips, CoreOS” on YouTube

Mount It! Part 2: How to mount a local Server Share


To mount your drive, first make a directory in “/mnt” , by doing “sudo mkdir /mnt/NEW_FOLDER” where new_folder is your folder you decide to name. Make sure you have SMB installed by doing “sudo apt-get install smbfs” To check if you already have it, do “dpkg -s smbfs”. Follow the basic steps of Part I To add the server share to fstab.

Now, make a credentials file so no one can see you password over the network do :

  • sudo nano /root/.smbcredentials

If the above new file, put (user and password are of your Server’s User and Password if you have one, which you should) :

  • username=USER
  • password=PASSWORD

Now set up an easy script to mount that drive, follow the next part carefully

  • sudo nano /usr/local/bin/Mount_Server_Drive
  • then in this file add the following below :
  • mount -t cifs //server_ip/Share_Name /mnt/NEW_FOLDER/ -o credentials=/root/.smbcredentials;
  • also a “server name” can be substituted for “server ip”

Then you will want to make it executable:

  • chmod +x /usr/local/bin/Mount_Server_Drive

Now, you should be able to drop back to root:

  • cd /
  • sudo Mount_Server_Drive