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Announcment – Site Hosting / Maintenance

Maintenance will begin tomorrow evening on moving the site to another hosting company.  This should not take more than a few days, but bear with me as I make this transition to a more modular hosting company than  Stage 1 will be the site transfer, with Stage 2, likely sometime in the summer, a rework of the site itself.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Announcements – FreeBSD Show Mention

A little mention of the site on just about the coolest BSD podcast ever.  Thank you very much for the mention guys, I appreciate it, despite my bumbling mistakes like using the 8.x install by complete accident.  Still go it installed though 🙂  There may be some useful tips out of the trial run of this yet!  Another comment on one of the challenge articles asked for a PC-BSD Challenge as well.  Dont worry folks, that is coming down the line, but will likely be a challenge not set to a number of days, but until I feel comfortable with the setup, whcih could very well be just a few days use. 

Note: In case the embedded timecode does not work the mention is at 01:04:00.  Thank you.

For  the initiated, you can check out the BSD Now Podcast over at Jupiter Broadcasting. Shows air Wednesday at 14:00 Eastern Standard Time in the U.S. 


Annoucement: BSD Now

Keep an eye on BSD Now for a possible mention of my blithering and quite embarrassing 30 Day BSD Challenge, in which I explore the feasibility of FreeBSD and BSD in general as a daily driver. This might just be a 5 second mention, the kind with strobe lights and subliminal RMS messages, but keep an eye out for it regardless. In any case, my nerves are definitely heightened, and I will have to put on my best behavior and turn out some decent daily reports.

In the meantime, please do yourself a huge favor and checkout the BSD Now podcast, under the Jupiter Broadcasting network. Stay tuned…

Announcements: Fedora 19 Released To Public

screenshotAfter eagerly awaiting the release of Fedora 19, it is finally here.  I have been using the beta of the release for quite some time, and praise its support of my 2010 Macbook Pro fully(brightness control, all keys, etc), which is often tough or half baked on other distros with the same motherboard drivers (at least it seemed so).

Fedora 19 uses Gnome 3, but that can be changed if that is not your “bag” baby.  I don’t mind Gnome 3, but definitely could use some improvements, luckily some of them can be tweaked with a few packages and settings.  The beta was not as fast as I would have hoped in comparison to something like Debian, but here’s hoping when I get the actual release, it will be a bit better.  I most likely will slap on XFCE or Gnome Classic on this sucker.

Get it now @ Fedora’s main website