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A Review of “Papo & Yo” for Linux

A small review of “Papo & Yo” for Linux I made.


GamingOnLinux – Steam Dev Days Highlights

How To – Installing Black Mesa in Crossover Games / CXoffice

Sometimes, workarounds for playing native Windows games on Linux can be dodgy.  Some will play well on plain WINE implementation, other times, helper software, such as Crossover, Wine-Tricks, or PlayOnLinux get you to the finish line with a feasible amount of frustration.  One such game is Black Mesa, a modification on the original Half Life title, consisting of a set of modifications to the Source SDK 2007 base engine.  So how do you install the title?  Read on for more! Read the rest of this entry

SteamOS – Changing the Default Audio Device

Finally sat down to iron out a few audio quirks in my SteamOS audio setup.  Previously I had explored my sound issues on SteamOS and successfully got that ironed out.  However, some games seem to use not the audio setup from the “steam” profile, which launches the custom compositor and Steam itself, but the desktop users audio configuration.  Oddly enough, it is only a select few titles.  The solution?  Configure the default HDMI device under pulse.  Read on for more Read the rest of this entry

Steam Arcade – “Dust: An Elysian Tail”

A shoddy review of “Dust: An Elysian Tale” 🙂


Gallery: The 13 Steam Machines and all of their glorious variety | Ars Technica

Steam Arcade [beta] – A Review of Hotline Miami for Linux

This is my very first Linux game review, so be kind!  I am much better at things other than games 🙂  Please leave a comment below or on the youtube video page.  Any suggestions of criticisms are highly welcome.

Note: video is currently uploading to youtube, which should be done within the hour. I wanted to post this before I fell asleep 🙂


Give AMD Some Love

I recently went through several methods to try out SteamOS.  When it came to video issues, some of my test hardware still exhibited the same issues. I found either AMD or Intel was quite acceptable for a CPU but Nvidia preferred  for the graphics card. Having recently acquired a low profile ATI 6670 (who would have thought those massive cards could shrink that small!), I decided to revisit my Steam gaming options apart my my more powerful desktop.
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Linux Game Review: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome

Yes, that is the real name of this game.  AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, is literally one of the freshest games I have come across on Steam lately.  I was sceptical to hit the buy button, but with a current price of 4.49 USD for the Steam Holiday Sale, I couldn’t resist.  So, how did it stack up?  Read on for more

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Featured – The SteamOS Beginners Guide

Gave Half Life 2 a try this morning on SteamOS, and wanted to give a quick nod to Valve for making HL2 playable with a gamepad (even if not recently with SteamOS).  But Mr. Gabe Newell!  Make The original games support it too!  Now, you can lambaste me all you want for “you should use a mouse and keyboard,” but I am getting quite used to sitting in the living room and gaming all “lounge like.”  Anyway…enough banter, here is what to expect when browsing for and installing games on SteamOS: Read the rest of this entry