A Review of “Papo & Yo” for Linux

A small review of “Papo & Yo” for Linux I made.


Announcment – Site Hosting / Maintenance

Maintenance will begin tomorrow evening on moving the site to another hosting company.  This should not take more than a few days, but bear with me as I make this transition to a more modular hosting company than wordpress.com.  Stage 1 will be the site transfer, with Stage 2, likely sometime in the summer, a rework of the site itself.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Video Reel – A Visual Guide To Playing Blu-ray Discs on Linux

Note: I meant “Avatar” instead of Pandora in the voice over.  Pandora was the planet the action took place on.

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Distro Test-Drive: A Look at the Nanolinux Distribution

Video Reel – Tour Qualcomm’s Smart Home at CES

“In this video from CES, Qualcomm demonstrates its own Linux-based home automation platform AllJoyn, the open source project supported by the AllSeen Alliance (a Linux Foundation collaborative project.) Companies such as LG, Panasonic, Haier, Sharp and Silicon Image are working with Qualcomm to make the various devices that comprise the Internet of Things work together using AllJoyn. Qualcomm product manager Liat Ben-Zur shows how the system can monitor connected appliances, lighting, security, door knobs, TVs, and even a teddy bear, and send notifications to each other via AllJoyn.” – http://www.linux.com


Quick Tip – Running Executable Files In Your File Browser

Some of us don’t like the Terminal, I get that, so here is a quick tip on executing downloaded binary or script files.  This requires no use or knowledge of running programs on the command line. Read the rest of this entry

Watch “Steam Dev Days – Steam Machine unboxing by Data of Data Realms” on YouTube

GamingOnLinux – Steam Dev Days Highlights


How To – Installing Black Mesa in Crossover Games / CXoffice

Sometimes, workarounds for playing native Windows games on Linux can be dodgy.  Some will play well on plain WINE implementation, other times, helper software, such as Crossover, Wine-Tricks, or PlayOnLinux get you to the finish line with a feasible amount of frustration.  One such game is Black Mesa, a modification on the original Half Life title, consisting of a set of modifications to the Source SDK 2007 base engine.  So how do you install the title?  Read on for more! Read the rest of this entry

Under The Hood – New Steam Machine Buyers Guide

There will be an ongoing Steam machine buyers guide located under the resources section of the top menu navigation of the site.  I will also place a small link in the featured workarounds article.  Over time I hope to keep this moving as hardware develops and changes.  The formatting is a bit rought right now, but I will tidy it up over time.

The Linux Cauldron Steam machine Buyer’s Guide