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Linux Gaming: The Dark Mod

A fan of the Thief series on PC? This will be right up your alley then. Open Source meet Stealth at its best. Check out the video above for an insight into what the game can deliver. Source link is below. Enjoy!


GamingOnLinux – Natural Selection 2 FPS/RTS Will Release On Linux August 30th

Soon folks!  Can’t wait!


Helping Hand: Let’s Close Out This Campaign!

This is more of a general post.  I am spamming this here, due to my love of Indie games.   As a Linux user, we owe these folks a ton for filling in the gaps, even currently still with Steam, in our gaming libraries.  From Stealth Bastard, to Intrusion 2, to The Cave, and Ultratron, they make me happy.  Somtimes my short attention span gets the better of me, and Indie games allow me to spend a quick 15,20, or 30 minutes playing a well put together game. 

Often we over look Indie games, but if you are a Linux user, you likely know them all too well.  One such film documentary being produced right now, and seeking funding from the communit is “GAME LOADING: Rise Of The Indies by StudioBent​o.” 

The funding is almost complete.  Support your favorite developers and the film by pleding at :

Game on… _professor

Don’t Miss It! – Steam Summer Sale End July 22!


Don’t miss out on the great Steam sales through the end of Monday next week!  There are plenty of Linux games getting the treatment as well, with great titles such as Amnesia: The Dark Decent and Intrusion 2.  Be sure to hit up the source link below to check out what’s hot.  Money?  Who cares…you don’t need to eat dinner tonight 🙂


GamingOnLinux – Steam can now officially serve 64bit Linux games

Is it too much to ask for a 64 bit CLIENT?  Come on, let’s stop piggybacking on 32 bit libs…

🙂   I’m so inpatient haha.