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How-To with systemd: text-boot startup, boot to console mode

By default, Fedora desktop editions will give you a graphical grub boot up (coupled with plymouth), and a graphical login manager.  If you come from a system, such as Arch Linux, or a server work environment, you don’t care much for those fancy graphics, and would rather see the dmesg text fly by in case of any failures.  At a minimum you can remove some of that, and here’s how: Read the rest of this entry

How To: Installing Citrix Receiver on Fedora (17/18/19)


Installing Citrix Reciver on Fedora  is quite a frustrating exercise if you do not know what you are doing, or can’t remember because it was over a year ago (me!).  I wanted to start this page as a go-to area for troubled users.  Before beginning, ensure you have the Fusion Repository, detailed here.

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Announcements: Fedora 19 Released To Public

screenshotAfter eagerly awaiting the release of Fedora 19, it is finally here.  I have been using the beta of the release for quite some time, and praise its support of my 2010 Macbook Pro fully(brightness control, all keys, etc), which is often tough or half baked on other distros with the same motherboard drivers (at least it seemed so).

Fedora 19 uses Gnome 3, but that can be changed if that is not your “bag” baby.  I don’t mind Gnome 3, but definitely could use some improvements, luckily some of them can be tweaked with a few packages and settings.  The beta was not as fast as I would have hoped in comparison to something like Debian, but here’s hoping when I get the actual release, it will be a bit better.  I most likely will slap on XFCE or Gnome Classic on this sucker.

Get it now @ Fedora’s main website

Fedora 17,18,19 Beta: A world of Nvidia

Installing proprietary video drivers, can be either easy, or very difficult.  There is no middle ground (well maybe you could Vesa as that).  Takes practice learning the proper gears to put in place for a given distro.  For Fedora, it was quite easy, and this guide below, will definitely get you on your way!