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I am always interested in any opportunities you  may have with Linux and Unix.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

  1. kevin mcgillicuddy

    Hey Mike!

    whats up I hear you got a job

    ok question I am running linux ubuntu now full time and I am trying to get songbird to play my .wma files.. how did you get it to work. I googled around and the fix I found about editing the file in /chrome did not work and I posted on the Ubuntu fourms with no responses yet

    any help?


    • shadowkain99

      Yea at Evangelical Hospital in lewisburg. As far as you issue, I have never had issues with that, well I never play anything but MP3’s. Did you download the latest build from the official website? My guess is that you don’t have the appropriate codecs for what you are trying to play. My guess is you used the automatic .deb package (bad idea for songbird). I would suggest getting the official program from the website.

      Download Songbird

      The offical site (, and run the .sh file “songbird” to start the program (make a shortcut later for it). Download the tar.gz package, extract it, and open up terminal. “cd” to that directory and do a “chmod u+x” or whatever the file is called (the executable). If this doesnt make it executable try “chmod 700”. This must be done as root or with preceeding sudo command.

      I would NOT advise this route, but there is a .deb package for it here

      Try this for codecs:

      Restricted Ubuntu Extras: (should be in Add/Remove as well).

      Also found there is a WMA addon, via the ADD ONs page of the program , on the left hand link pane of the program:

      Try those and see what happens. Let me know. My email is on the contact page. Be sure to use from now on, as I do not check this site really at all, I have moved hosting companies.

      Thanks man,

      Mikey D

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