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Security Cell – “How did the NSA hack our emails?”

I wanted to share this video, largly due to it affects all of us, even Linux users.  A hot topic right now, no doubt.  Enjoy.

Thanks in big part to Numberphile on Youtube


How-To: Setting Up ACLs On Linux (Access Control Lists)

There comes a time in a man’s life whe….whoops, wrong talk! Ok ok, so this is about Access Control Lists. Get your mind out of the gutter. That said, you will find sometimes, setting permissions for the owner, group, or “other” groups is not enough, and you need some finer control. Enter the ACL. Read the rest of this entry

Jeebus Batman, A Linux Security Alert! Linux Backdoor Hides Itself in SSH Chatter

As the old arguments sometimes goes on the Internet, “Linux has great security! You have nothing to worry about!”  While this post is not to install fear, or doubt in Linux Security, it is noteworthy and something to keep in mind.  The malware, detected as “Fokirtor,” to Symantec software secretly cloaks itself in legitimate SSH chatter, avoiding detection for most systems.  With SSH being a common access method into Linux server systems, it was no small matter of concern.  The most widely known incident thus far was an attack back in May of a hosting provider, stealing large amounts of private information. Read the rest of this entry

Quick Tip: Keep An Eye On Your Phone with Android Device Manager


To be honest I had no idea this feature was even on my phone, and this is coming from a guy who roots, unlocks, and updates his ROM and toolbox on a weekly basis. I have been in the security settings many times, but never did I think the access to this program had to be turned on in this particular spot. To enabled Android Device Manager, perform the following steps: Read the rest of this entry

Security: Connecting A Potentially Infected Hard Drive To Linux

I heard this question from time to time online, and it’s not an overly complicated answer, but I wanted to at least talk about this.  So you have a a potentially infected drive from Windows or another system.  What happens next?  Can you hook it up and be sure all will be well?  Read on for more… Read the rest of this entry