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A Guide To Playing Blu-rays On Ubuntu Linux

Today tis a happy day.  A noble day.  A day for dancing and chivalry.  We shall deck the courtyard in the finest tapestries, fill the cups with the finest wine, deck the halls with beautiful women, and grunt like men. All shall hear me roar “In your face Blu-ray!”  Interested now?  I thought so.

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Gnome 3 Tricks: Add a little more space to that small laptop screen


You have a 13 inch or less sized laptop screen.  You like Gnome 3, but maximized windows still* are taking up quite a bit of your top 1/3 screen space.  Sure, Every so often, you may find a Gnome extension that may help, but often that is broke on the next update.  What do you do?  As always backup the file noted in step 1 below!  I will not be responsible for any system breakage that comes to your system! Read the rest of this entry

Resource Silo: FLOSS Manuals

Came across a site today, that really piqued my interest.  The site is FLOSS Manuals.  Offering very easy to follow “manuals” for popular Linux software, FLOSS Manuals aims to “…remedy the deficit of good free documentation about Free Software.”  Overseen by the FLOSS Manuals Foundation (FMF), it is a huge resource to many of us, even beginners.

FLOSS Manuals Missions Statement:

“Our core aim is making it easy to maintain and contribute to manuals, text books, teaching materials by providing an easy to use interface for collaborating on the creation of texts about Free Software.”

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