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Integrating Steam into XBMC using xpad and xboxdrv

Now, I am going to assume I am not the only person on earth with this situation. I own and maintain a HTPC, otherwise known to most as a “Home Theatre PC.” I custom configured the xboxdrv userland module in a previous HTPC Project post, so that I could full use a Microsoft Xbox controller as a mouse + keyboard.  This enabled quick restart/shutdown, mouse movement, and media controls.  The problem was, if I wanted to use Steam, a custom configured xboxdrv set was not gong to play well with Steam.  The solution was simple…
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Jupiter Broadcasting Live Recording Scripts [non-official]

For those interested, I have  created a repo for Jupiter Broadcasting automated scripts for recording the Live broadcastings. Simple stuff, and I am welcome to changing them to fit our needs (adjusting timing for preshow and aftershow banter times). I am really tired, so I probably made mistakes, but hope this is nice for those who wish to use them. All file names in the scripts will append the current date if you keep more than one show in your Videos directory.  You can find the repo below, or at the top menu of this site.

Shows Included:

As always
Please check my work, and NEVER run a script without examining it first. I am not responsible for any damage, even though these scripts are pretty harmless.

Please Note: crontab examples are for the EST time zone