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Video Reel – X Security

1-3-2014 09-35-19 AM


“For the past year, I’ve been looking at the implementation of code. both client and server. During this presentation, I’ll give an overview of the good, the bad and the ugly.”


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From Around The Web: The ffmpeg libav Situation

Quite a nice little perspective on what the situation looked and looks like recently between the ffmpeg and libav camps.  libav was created as a fork aside from ffmpeg, and has met both opposition and praise from some.  It really depends on how you came across either.  For me, I have always known ffmpeg since I heard about it around 2006, and it serves me well.  However, some developers prefer otherwise.  Be sure to hit up the source link for more.


Thoughts on Technology: eAndora – Pandora Internet Radio Client – 1.0 Release

A very cool show of promise in a desktop Pandora player. I will definitely be trying this out on the HTPC.  O usually start the web client, but if the interface scales on the HTPC well, I’m all for it. See the source link below for more.   


From Around The Web: “Closing the door on Windows: A guide to changing operating systems”


“Is it time for you to dump Windows XP, or maybe to abandon Windows altogether? Windows 8 has improved significantly with the 8.1 upgrade. Nevertheless, for many users, Windows 8’s modern-style interface—incorporating major changes like Live Tiles and the removal of the Start menu—remains an object of scorn. And security has always been a bigger headache for Windows than for other platforms.

If you’re still running Windows XP, making the switch to Windows 8.1—or to Windows 7, if you can find it—will probably involve replacing more than just the operating system. Your current hardware may not be able to handle a newer Windows OS; and even if it can, you’ll likely need to replace software and peripheral devices, as well.

If you’re going to invest money and time in making the transition to a new OS, you might as well consider all your options. Microsoft’s stranglehold on the desktop market has loosened over the past few years. Mac OS X, Linux, and even Chrome OS are sophisticated operating systems and are enjoying growing mainstream adoption. Here’s what to expect if you embrace one of these alternatives.”


Tony Bradley @tonybradleybsg


From Around The Web – SteamOS: What we know so far and what to expect

Are you excited yet!?  Today is the day projected for the SteamOS beta release, and I will most certainly be giving it a go. There were many assumptions make in the previous weeks, including Ubuntu being the base distribution, as well as no access to a full desktop. Given what was surmized by, it seems that is not so much the case, with a confirmation even from Valve. Read the rest of this entry

From Around The Web: ffmpeg Cheat Sheet

Came across this nice cheat sheet and command set generator for ffmpeg today.  Really awesome set of options for your video encoding needs.  I will have to see how well this works over time, and if any options are deprecated at all, since I am not sure when the last time it was updated.  The site bears a 2013 moniker, so I’d assume most things are current. 



From Around The Web: Check Your Shell Scripts with

If you’re like me, you are in that rock and a hard place when it comes to programming.  You have enough things going on in your day that you may not have the time to devote extra time to mastering a new programming language, but you are familiar with coding core concepts.  I do* have enough time to dabble in shell scripting.

When you are writing a complex or even simple shell script, why not have a ROBOT check it!?  While not perfect, does a great job of pointing out syntax errors and common pitfalls of the shell scripter.  Simple and effective, the site gives you that extra push when you are sometimes scratching your head at 2 in the morning.

Head on on over to for more.


AMD, Nvidia, ramp up Linux driver support after Valve’s SteamOS announcement

Drive support is ramping up for Nvidia and AMD video cards, largely in response to recent Steam announcements.  Largely hit or miss in the past, this should bring some good improvements to existing and even past cards.  Head on over to the source link for more. 


From Around The Web: Red Hat Collaboration with Docker

Redhat recently announced its new collaboration with the developers of the popular Docker software, which enables applications to be packaged with their dependencies into “containers,” rather than requiring a host OS for each application (monolithic approach).  This developement is quite interesting, as development of Docker, and bug fixes should increase, as well as this method for sandboxed applications.  This should also trickle down to Fedora and like distros that use similar structure (RPM based).  The move will primarily focus, at first, at removed the need for AuFS with a provisioning method based on the device-mapper technology in Fedora, RHEL, and others.  This will ensure compatibility with upstream kernel versions. Read the rest of this entry

Family Friendly Linux on Ubuntu

This article I sifted through today gives a good rundown of many avenues you can pursue to create a Family Friendly Ubuntu setup.  There are other things that could be done, but this setup provides much of what most parents desire in access control for thier kids.  Enjoy.

Source: How to Geek