From Around The Web – SteamOS: What we know so far and what to expect

Are you excited yet!?  Today is the day projected for the SteamOS beta release, and I will most certainly be giving it a go. There were many assumptions make in the previous weeks, including Ubuntu being the base distribution, as well as no access to a full desktop. Given what was surmized by, it seems that is not so much the case, with a confirmation even from Valve.


Take note of teh “More Ways to Play” option

Be sure to visit the source article for some awesome photos on the interface itself and some configurable options.  Of note particulary is the screens for the Home Streaming option, which I am most curious about.  Most people jump right to the idea that they can use this as  Windows -> SteamBox/OS Linux Client setup.  I, however, am sans Windows at home.  What I hope I can do with this, is load all the games on my more powerful desktop (at the moment, never know in the future of course), which has a ton of storage and a nice graphics card, and then stream to a low powered Dell Optiplex downstairs. 

Also of note feature wise:

  • Basic music functionality, but no layouts for the 10 ft. display interface yet
  • No TV or Movies functionality yet
  • Parental Controls
  • Streaming games from another Steam Client
  • Family sharing (with possible mutiple client logins on the same home network)
  • Steam Controller configurations

Keep an eye out today for the release!  Fingers crossed!



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