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Video Reel: A lightning talk by Gary Bernhardt from CodeMash

12-12-2013 12-43-35

Oldie, but a goodie.  Enjoy


Linux in the wild: “Making of “Swarm” – Quadrotors are “Amazing in Motion”

Interesting perspective from a normal user on Unity and the Dash interface.

John Carmack on SteamOS

CPOSC 2013: Hope To See You There!

Don’t forget, Ocober 19th, is CPOSC 2013!  The conference will be held  at the IU13 Conference Center in Lancaster, PA.  This Linux conference was started by the fine folks over at the Central Pa Linux Users Group.  Registration cost is about 40 USD, but the early bird special of 35 USD is still going on for the remainder of the day today! 

For more detialed information:
Send an email to Messages sent to that address go to all the conference organizers.

How-To Session: SSH into another Linux Machine


EDITOR UPDATE:  updated for new methodology and systemd

Today I am going to show you how to SSH into another linux box from anywhere! SSH is a powerful, encrypted command that enables you to essentially “log in” to you PC’s, via Terminal, and move files, change configurations, as if you were using Terminal at the remote host you are logging into.

Let’s start with the essentials:

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You’re doing it Right – Netflx Playback on Linux with Pipelight

The day has come! (well almost, but in my case this worked well).  Let’s take a step back in time.  The year is 2004, and I ran into several frustrations, including several proprietary plugins, programs, and utilities.  Today, many of that is either native in Linux, reverse engineered (chinese wall methods), or ran via layers such as mono and wine.  Netflix-Desktop works fairly well in several distributions, but I often grapple with it on its window placement over my other monitors.  Thanks to the Linux Action Show, I caught wind of Pipelight, and it is GRAND.  Read on for more! Read the rest of this entry

I Have The Power! – su vs. sudo: Core Concepts of Being a Superuser

For the new Linux user, that is quite a bit of weird looking garbage in the title, right?  The concept of the “Super User” is one that is often mis informed, or very much abused.  Too often users will use the super user account for things that do not even require it, or use it exclusively as their regular account.  This ia very bad way to go about things, and you’ll soon find out why.  A good misnomer:  I am *not* an expert, but pride in learning the best methods and concepts of any particular concept.  Read on for more. Read the rest of this entry

Android Corner: Linux Deploy

Linux Deploy - screenshot thumbnail  Linux Deploy - screenshot thumbnail  Linux Deploy - screenshot thumbnail

I used to think “Complete Linux Installer” for Android was the “bees knees” so to speak.  Enter “Linux Deploy,” a very seemless implementation of deploying/installing Linux distributions on your Android device.  Like Complete Linux Installer, Linux Deploy makes use of VNC in a very intelligent way.    Read on to learn more. Read the rest of this entry

Announcement: Linux+, LPIC-1, and Novell Certifications

Came across this nice little helping hint today while looking for information on the LPIC-1 Exam.  If you have already taken the LPIC-1 exam, sorry this will not apply to you.  As far as I know, still as of 2013, this process still applies and will get you a “3 in 1” Linux certification for Comptia, Novell, and LPI.

          • Register as a candidate with LPI.  This is free.  You will get an LPI ID number.  Do this BEFORE you take the CompTIA Linux+ exams.
          • Schedule your CompTIA exams.
          • At the beginning of each exam, make sure you select “Forward my scores to LPI.”


After this process, you should receive your LPI certificate if all goes well soon after receiving your Linux+ certificate.   Once that process goes down, tell Novell, and you should be able to get their certificate as well.