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Video Reel – Linux at CES 2014 | LAS s30e05

As always you check out all of Jupiter Broadcasting’s shows at


Announcements – FreeBSD Show Mention

A little mention of the site on just about the coolest BSD podcast ever.  Thank you very much for the mention guys, I appreciate it, despite my bumbling mistakes like using the 8.x install by complete accident.  Still go it installed though 🙂  There may be some useful tips out of the trial run of this yet!  Another comment on one of the challenge articles asked for a PC-BSD Challenge as well.  Dont worry folks, that is coming down the line, but will likely be a challenge not set to a number of days, but until I feel comfortable with the setup, whcih could very well be just a few days use. 

Note: In case the embedded timecode does not work the mention is at 01:04:00.  Thank you.

For  the initiated, you can check out the BSD Now Podcast over at Jupiter Broadcasting. Shows air Wednesday at 14:00 Eastern Standard Time in the U.S. 


Jupiter Broadcasting Live Recording Scripts [non-official]

For those interested, I have  created a repo for Jupiter Broadcasting automated scripts for recording the Live broadcastings. Simple stuff, and I am welcome to changing them to fit our needs (adjusting timing for preshow and aftershow banter times). I am really tired, so I probably made mistakes, but hope this is nice for those who wish to use them. All file names in the scripts will append the current date if you keep more than one show in your Videos directory.  You can find the repo below, or at the top menu of this site.

Shows Included:

As always
Please check my work, and NEVER run a script without examining it first. I am not responsible for any damage, even though these scripts are pretty harmless.

Please Note: crontab examples are for the EST time zone



Video Reel: Don’t Switch to Linux | LINUX Unplugged 15