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Video Reel – The LC SteamBox

A video I shot this morning detailing my horribly put together, but functioning, SteamOS box.  Some of the troubleshooting I did with this machine will show up in the “SteamOS Workarounds” featured article at the top of the site (if not search for SteamOS at the top of the page).  I really apologize for the shakiness this time around.

Comments or corrections can be left below or on Youtube. I had to use a digital camera, rather than my phone, since the lay Cyanogen Mod update lef the video function unusable for the moment. Youtube is currently processing a software fix on the shakiness. Apologies.


Steam OS UEFI Workaround Method 1

Method 1: Grub and SysLinux

This method is provided  with great thanks to /u/FrostyCoolSlug of Reddit.  Please use extreme caution when trying any of these steps, and I am not responsible for any damage to an existing computer installation. Read the rest of this entry

How To – Workarounds for SteamOS beta System Requirements

Friday was one crazy day.  If you were lucky, and I mean lucky, you could get a solid download without disconnect from Steam’s new repository.  There were bitorrent links floating around, albeit with some inherent danger, making a hash check after the download very recommended.  But, as soon as you explored the SteamOS FAQ and subsequent “Build Your Own” page, it was apparent you were dead in the water without a UEFI Motherboard.

The easiest method I have seen so far, is the Debian Wheezy conversion (edit check out Ye Olde SteamOSe below!), in which you start with a simple Debian load, and change a few files.   I say easy, as it leaves little room for UEFI and partition errors, which most have issue with.

In the end, you will still get the experience if you install Steam as a client on a desktop such as Debian Wheezy or Ubuntu, and enable autostart and start in big picture mode as options.  Truly that is your easiest way to Steam rather than messing with SteamOS beta at the moment.

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How To: Install Steam on Fedora 19

Time to partayyyyy

Thanks to Simmone Caronni, a packaged distro-specific package for Steam is available in RPM fusion repository!  Making its way to a rpmfusion-nonfree repository near you, the package is currently under the rpmfusion-nonfree-updates-testing respository.  Head on below for the full detail. Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Miss It! – Steam Summer Sale End July 22!


Don’t miss out on the great Steam sales through the end of Monday next week!  There are plenty of Linux games getting the treatment as well, with great titles such as Amnesia: The Dark Decent and Intrusion 2.  Be sure to hit up the source link below to check out what’s hot.  Money?  Who cares…you don’t need to eat dinner tonight 🙂


GamingOnLinux – Steam can now officially serve 64bit Linux games

Is it too much to ask for a 64 bit CLIENT?  Come on, let’s stop piggybacking on 32 bit libs…

🙂   I’m so inpatient haha.