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Looking For a Great Way To Learn Python Without Being Bored To Death?

credit: Amazon

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition, is one of the most novel programming books I have seen. You learn by creating simple games/programs.  The book is presented as a “learn by the seat of your pants” approach that is actually fun, unlike most coding manuals.   Typical programming  books (yes, even O’Reily), bore me to death after a while.  Keep in mind, that is no fault of O’Reily, but of my own short attention span.

I highly suggest you give this Python book a try.  As soon as I opened the book, I was very impressed with the presentation.  I didn’t feel as if they expected me to know everything, and the objectives were quite well laid out.  I felt as if the author understood I wasn’t an expert of have used other coding languages.

From the wording, to the excellent layout, to the actual realistic number of pages, I very much  am enjoying this textbook.  Trust me, start with this book, before you graduate to the 1500 (yes you read that right) page O’Reily book.  The book was just updated Enjoy!

Check it out now on Amazon.

Coding Highlights: Starting To Code with … Pokemon?

I sometimes don’t get enough time to do all that I want.  I have many interests, and sitting down every night to delve into programming just isn’t at my core, even if it interests me greatly.  Enter Pallet Town Programming from!  Famous for his musings on Coder Radio of the Jupiter Broadcasting network, Michael Dominic combines your love of Pokemon (how can you not like them?) and your burgeoning curiosity for programming.  While a new venture for Dominic, I hope to see more posts like this from him.  It is a different way to get started with programming, and is very welcomed.  Head on over to his blog to check it out.

From Around The Web: Check Your Shell Scripts with

If you’re like me, you are in that rock and a hard place when it comes to programming.  You have enough things going on in your day that you may not have the time to devote extra time to mastering a new programming language, but you are familiar with coding core concepts.  I do* have enough time to dabble in shell scripting.

When you are writing a complex or even simple shell script, why not have a ROBOT check it!?  While not perfect, does a great job of pointing out syntax errors and common pitfalls of the shell scripter.  Simple and effective, the site gives you that extra push when you are sometimes scratching your head at 2 in the morning.

Head on on over to for more.


Time Travel: An Amusing Conversation About C/C++

8-15-2013 09-50-00Just some interesting conversation to end your day:  Oh Linus, you never cease to make me laugh: