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Great News! Linux Voice Has Been Crowdfunded!

You might remember, oh a little ol’ magazine called Linux Format from the great country of the United Kingdom.  While the former employees who left the company not all that long ago didn’t break mirrors on the way out, it wasn’t exactly rose-coloured glasses either.  Even so, a great thing sprang from this departure of minds, Linux Voice.

Linux Voice needed some funds, and thus the kickstarter campaign was born.  Having reached their funding goal, we can all rejoice and run through the halls with sparklers and exploding funfetti.  Be sure to wear a safety hat.  The magazine aims to blend a range of subjects, all from the bare bones easy up to the advanced.  I am personally happy that it will be in print format. I like getting away from my computer from time to time.

Keep an eye on the Kickstarter page for more!