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Announcment – Site Hosting / Maintenance

Maintenance will begin tomorrow evening on moving the site to another hosting company.  This should not take more than a few days, but bear with me as I make this transition to a more modular hosting company than  Stage 1 will be the site transfer, with Stage 2, likely sometime in the summer, a rework of the site itself.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Under The Hood – New Steam Machine Buyers Guide

There will be an ongoing Steam machine buyers guide located under the resources section of the top menu navigation of the site.  I will also place a small link in the featured workarounds article.  Over time I hope to keep this moving as hardware develops and changes.  The formatting is a bit rought right now, but I will tidy it up over time.

The Linux Cauldron Steam machine Buyer’s Guide


Announcement – Several Updates for SteamOS Audio Issues

I have done a little more digging on SteamOS audio issues, and added a few more possible fixes to the SteamOS Workarounds page.  As always, proceed with caution and backup critical data before hand.   I plan on doing a small editorial about my experiences thus far with SteamOS today, so be on the look out for that as well.


Announcement: Updates to Adobe Flash / Google Play documents

I made a few new sections in the “How-To: Amazon Instant Video Under Linux” article.  Added some steps for Arch users and a few other pieces of information.  Enjoy.


Announcement: Some updates to UbuntuHTPC git repo

Just a small update before I finish up a nice Blu-ray how to today.  The Ubuntu HTPC git repo was updated with new mappings and a line change to allow hot pluggable udev events, rather than a specific event.  Also added is the command for an “easy setup” under xboxdrv.  New mappings are:

  • LS (move): move mouse cursor
  • RS (move): mouse scroll
  • D-Pad: up/down/left/right
  • Back Button: keyboard backspace
  • Start Button: Shutdown/Restart Menu
  • LB: “Back” in Firefox, using this add-on.  Locked F4 to LB in .ini file
  • LT: Volume Down, mapped using Ubuntu keyboard shortcut F7, Locked F7 to LT in .ini file
  • RB: “Forward” in Firefox, using this add-on.  Locked F5 to LB in .ini file
  • RT: Volume Up, mapped using Ubuntu keyboard shortcut F8, Locked F8 to RT in .ini file
  • Y: keyboard space
  • A: keyboard enter
  • B: mouse right-click
  • X: mouse left-click
  • Xbox Center Button – call up onboard keyboard.  Ubuntu keyboard shortcut, custom set to onboard/F6, locked F6 to center button in .ini file

As always, the article will be updated if I add anything else.  Also of note, is under the software folder on the Ubuntu HTPC git repo, is a “launh_steam” script which seemlessly unloads xboxdrv (full HTPC control), loads xpad (standard xbox config Steam uses), and when done, returns the Xbox controller config to xboxdrv’s original control.  That way, you can launch steam out of XBMC without a hitch.


Happy New Years from the LC!

Merry Christmas from The LC!


SteamOS Workaround Added: Ye Olde SteamOS

Ye Olde SteamOSe

Thanks a ton to directhex on Reddit, we have our first SteamOS spinoff!  This “distribution” removes the UEFI requirement, modifies the storage requirement to a sane number, and adds support for a number of things including AMD video cards, VirtualBox 3D acceleration, and DVD or USB bootable options for the media.  Enjoy!

Method 1: (easy) Ye Olde SteamOSe

Also see: 

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Announcement: UbuntuHTPC Project

Sorry for all the delays folks.  I actually got to tinerking with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS into a FULL media center, complete with configurations on using the Xbox controller to control scrolling, clicking, volume control, and more.  I hope to detail this tonight in full.


Announcement: Coming up tonight

Coming up tonight (I should really say that in a Jeremy Clarkson voice), since it’s a sweet Friday, and I have some time:

  • Finally getting back to resuming the FreeBSD Challenge (I have a life too!)
  • A full how to guide on installing the native Steam client on Debian and how it really compares to SteamOS (Standard Install or Debian conversion method)
  • A few news tidbits

Stay tuned.