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Project Highlight – Replicant

I have been having some critical thoughts about Android and Google in the past year, and I am not alone.  If you are one that is on the sidelines and uses an Android device in the most basic sense, you probably haven’t even noticed, and may never for quite some time.  Google has been slowing taking control of core applications though some sneaky methods, and here is why you should care, and why Replicant may be the answer for the nerd and geek-alike.
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Android Corner: Linux Deploy

Linux Deploy - screenshot thumbnail  Linux Deploy - screenshot thumbnail  Linux Deploy - screenshot thumbnail

I used to think “Complete Linux Installer” for Android was the “bees knees” so to speak.  Enter “Linux Deploy,” a very seemless implementation of deploying/installing Linux distributions on your Android device.  Like Complete Linux Installer, Linux Deploy makes use of VNC in a very intelligent way.    Read on to learn more. Read the rest of this entry

Software Spotlight: KDE Connect (Linux KDE Desktop + Android)

KDE connect is one very interesting piece of integration software.  Most people are aware of Ubuntu’s Edge Indiegogo project, and the creeping feeling that it will not meet its goal.  While this is yet to be seen, one thing is for sure: you don’t need to pledge ~600 USD to get a cool experience.   Enter KDE Connect for Android, a hugly promising and innovative application for Android, as well as KDE on GNU/Linux. Read the rest of this entry

Android App Pick: Mobile Financial/Budgeting With GnuCash for Android

___________              GnuCash - screenshot thumbnail     GnuCash - screenshot thumbnail

GnuCash is my go-to defacto budgeting/financial program on Linux.  I love its double-entry classic system with standard XML protocol support.  The only thing missing from GnuCash is an online sync option, in my my opinion.  And as you will find out, that same flaw exists in its mobile cousin.  Read the rest of this entry

Video Reel: Plex Running On Ouya

Somehow, I missed that on June 26th, the Plex Android App made it to Ouya.  Well there goes my Roku usage (maybe).   And just incase you are wondering why this is on The Linux Cauldron, Android runs the Linux kernel, which is the heart of the Ouya.  Can’t wait to test this out tonight!


Android App Corner: Airdroid

This is one of the coolest Android apps I have come across lately. The premise is simple: launch the app’s webserver, and enter a handy url into your browser and get instant access to manager you android phone, tablet, or any other android based device.

See below for more details

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Android Corner: Retail Debut Of The OUYA Game Console

Ouya review

The Outa game console

No.  No No No No No No No No No.  That is the word I keep hearing all around the net.  With all the buzz that continues to surround Ouya, many of it is highly negative.  From early backers of the Kickstarter campaign still not receiving their consoles (I did receive mine on time), to interface issues such as overscan/underscan.  To Ouya’s credit, they are communicating quickly and as fast as they can, but the responses seem to be more finger pointing at DHL Hong Kong (which was a bad* idea in and of itself), among other things.  Despite all these issues, how does it far up?  Well, since I have had the console for quite some time already, I have had plenty of time to put it through the ringer.  Allow me to discuss the pros and cons of this “promising” console…

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Android Corner: Orbot

I decided to open up topics on the site to Android as well.  Besides, it IS based on the Linux kernel after all.  Thanks to some nice folks over at The Linux Action Show, I was shown Orbot.  Orbot is the Tor Project developed application to remain anonymous on the net.  With all the headlines about the NSA and PRISM…DUH DUH DUH….I figured it was high time to highlight a popular app to keep yourself hidden (if not mostly hidden) while on your mobile phone.

What I hate most about this NSA debacle, is I know* they have been doing it anyway, but we just finding out now.  It’s a crumby thing to realize, but now that it is in the spotlight, projects such as The Tor Project, are more important than ever, in maintaining a private life, far enough away from the prying clutches of government g-men who pry to hard.  Nobody likes being watched, unless you go for that sort of thing (wink, wink).  The developers are very responsive of this app, and it makes the who  presentation quite simple, and relatively hassle-free.  Hit up the Play Store links and site links below to read more

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