Software Spotlight: KDE Connect (Linux KDE Desktop + Android)

KDE connect is one very interesting piece of integration software.  Most people are aware of Ubuntu’s Edge Indiegogo project, and the creeping feeling that it will not meet its goal.  While this is yet to be seen, one thing is for sure: you don’t need to pledge ~600 USD to get a cool experience.   Enter KDE Connect for Android, a hugly promising and innovative application for Android, as well as KDE on GNU/Linux.

The developer of this fine project, Albert Vaka, has put together a nice video (see above), demonstrating just how amazing this little app is.  The integration of the KDE desktop with the applicaiton is amazing, and I now have a strong desire to test drive KDE4 just a bit more past my briefe 1-2 week stint a few weeks ago.  Noted by the projects site, this process of connecting to the KDE desktop has nothing to do with Dolphin’s MTP support.

Features, Features, and more… Features

Here are just a few of the great things this slick application can accomplish:

  • Receive call notifications when someone dials your phone, delivered to your desktop in a very slick maner. 
  • SMS notifications from your phone, done via some interesting bridging tricks, whereas KDE integrates with your phone’s SMS application to make the send possible.
  • Battery report to show the running capacity of your phone.
  • Clipboard Sync that intelligently allows you to paste text between your phone and KDE desktop!
  • Media Player Integration via MPRIS Controls over Dbus.  Imagine launching VLC for the kids downstairs while you watch another episode of Dr. Who 🙂
  • ICMP Requets integration, such as Ping.

The APK is available via Alberts wordpress blog / Dropbox OR you can grab it from github.


Source: Original article 
Source: Vaka’s Youtube channel
Source: Albert Vaka’s blog
Source: Github channel


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