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The GNU Name System

Want to safeguard your privacy on Ubuntu? Here’s how!

Thanks to the great folks at, there is a quick and easy set of commands you can enter to do just that.  Simple open the Terminal application and paste the below code: Read the rest of this entry

Security Service: Encrypting Files With GnuPG

Seahorse…what an odd name for a GPG front-end…  Ok, so I decided to finally get a GUI front-end for handing my GPG (GnuPG) needs, and There are several too choose from.  The list can be found here.  For today, I will be showing you just how to use GnuPG from the Termainl, as well as my GUI front-end of choice, Seahorse.  Nayyyyyyyyyyyy, wait…do Seahorse’s make a sound?  Damn you Saturday morning cartoons…

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How To: Encrypting Files With Seahorse (GnuPG)

Part of the Series:”Encrypting Files With GnuPG”


Hooray! an EASY way to use GPG! Well..sort of. You still should read up on gpg by reading the man page here before continuing.   In short, GPG stands for “Gnu Privacy Guard” and it is a tool that you can use to encrypt information. GPG implements the OpenPGP, which sets the norms and rules as to how data should be encrypted so that it can be passed along safely.  That said, I rather like Seahorse as a front-end GUI implementation of GnuPG.

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How To: Using GnuPG (gpg) to Encrypt Files In The Terminal

Part of the Series:”Encrypting Files With GnuPG”


GnuPG in the Terminal:

Almost every distro comes with gpg by default, but if it doesnt, seaching “gpg” with the package manager of choice should find the software just fine.  The first thing you will want to do is create your key:

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Stay Off My Lawn! Browse securely and Anonymously under Linux with Tor Browser

With news that dropbox will be joing the PRISM project soon, it’s high time you get on the Tor Browser, if you are not already on a VPN/Proxy service, and this could even supplement that.  It is surprisingly easy to use, with packages available for almost all package managers (listed below).  

The site contains tutorials to answer all your questions, so don’t be afraid to jump right in.  It’s your information on the line!  The project aims to protect you by bouncing your communications around a very large distributed network or relays run by thousands of volunteers from all over the world.  Thankfully, it is also multi-platform.  What is awesome, is it can also run off a USB drive, which further extends it portability.   Also, be on lookout in the coming week for a privacy post on how to use GPG keys to further help protect your arse.  


USB Details:

Download Tor Browser (Multi-Platform):

Installation Instructions:


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Android Corner: Orbot

I decided to open up topics on the site to Android as well.  Besides, it IS based on the Linux kernel after all.  Thanks to some nice folks over at The Linux Action Show, I was shown Orbot.  Orbot is the Tor Project developed application to remain anonymous on the net.  With all the headlines about the NSA and PRISM…DUH DUH DUH….I figured it was high time to highlight a popular app to keep yourself hidden (if not mostly hidden) while on your mobile phone.

What I hate most about this NSA debacle, is I know* they have been doing it anyway, but we just finding out now.  It’s a crumby thing to realize, but now that it is in the spotlight, projects such as The Tor Project, are more important than ever, in maintaining a private life, far enough away from the prying clutches of government g-men who pry to hard.  Nobody likes being watched, unless you go for that sort of thing (wink, wink).  The developers are very responsive of this app, and it makes the who  presentation quite simple, and relatively hassle-free.  Hit up the Play Store links and site links below to read more

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