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Video Reel – Tour Qualcomm’s Smart Home at CES

“In this video from CES, Qualcomm demonstrates its own Linux-based home automation platform AllJoyn, the open source project supported by the AllSeen Alliance (a Linux Foundation collaborative project.) Companies such as LG, Panasonic, Haier, Sharp and Silicon Image are working with Qualcomm to make the various devices that comprise the Internet of Things work together using AllJoyn. Qualcomm product manager Liat Ben-Zur shows how the system can monitor connected appliances, lighting, security, door knobs, TVs, and even a teddy bear, and send notifications to each other via AllJoyn.” –


Video Reel – Linux at CES 2014 | LAS s30e05

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Video Reel – “Why XI3’s Piston Parted Ways With Valve”

An interesting perspective on what happend to the tiny Steam box that ran out of Gas


Security Cell – “How did the NSA hack our emails?”

I wanted to share this video, largly due to it affects all of us, even Linux users.  A hot topic right now, no doubt.  Enjoy.

Thanks in big part to Numberphile on Youtube


Full Live Stream Capture of the 2014 “Chaos Computer Club” Hacker Event


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A Guide To Playing Blu-rays On Ubuntu Linux

Today tis a happy day.  A noble day.  A day for dancing and chivalry.  We shall deck the courtyard in the finest tapestries, fill the cups with the finest wine, deck the halls with beautiful women, and grunt like men. All shall hear me roar “In your face Blu-ray!”  Interested now?  I thought so.

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Video Reel – X Security

1-3-2014 09-35-19 AM


“For the past year, I’ve been looking at the implementation of code. both client and server. During this presentation, I’ll give an overview of the good, the bad and the ugly.”


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Video Reel – Getting To Know Puddletag For Linux

A quick overview of Puddletag for Linux. This video is also a part of the software featurette for Puddletag located here.


Great show from LAS Unplugged for the Holidays  I am quite sure Fidel Chromecastro is the best show title in the world.

You can catch this show and all the amazing Jupiter Broadcasting shows at


Video Reel – The LC SteamBox

A video I shot this morning detailing my horribly put together, but functioning, SteamOS box.  Some of the troubleshooting I did with this machine will show up in the “SteamOS Workarounds” featured article at the top of the site (if not search for SteamOS at the top of the page).  I really apologize for the shakiness this time around.

Comments or corrections can be left below or on Youtube. I had to use a digital camera, rather than my phone, since the lay Cyanogen Mod update lef the video function unusable for the moment. Youtube is currently processing a software fix on the shakiness. Apologies.