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I will be devoting a lot of time in the next two months to taking the first of two tests for the LPIC-1 certification,  by small posts will be made over time.  Wish me luck!


GNOME (et al): Rotting In Threes

Interesting diatribe about Gnome development. These are not my opinions.

IgnorantGuru's Blog

Since SpaceFM is entering the GTK3 realm (SpaceFM can now be built on anything from GTK 2.18 “I won’t give up my lenny!” thru GTK 3.6.x), I’m starting to hear more feedback about GTK3 and experiencing a few things for myself. While SpaceFM’s GTK3 port has been running very well with the few non-broken themes I could find, there are some intrinsic problems with any GTK3 app due to GTK’s poor maintenance, as well as a growing culture of enforced conformity from GNOME devs. Some of the things you’re about to read should make your hair curl and your blood boil.

On the surface of it, it seems that with every minor update to GTK3, themes get broken. I experienced this myself trying find a GTK3 theme that worked well with SpaceFM – most of the themes are broken in GTK 3.4 thru 3.6 (you can see the warnings when…

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Featured Articles: Jolla’s Sailfish OS

 After a bit of monitoring this project, I wanted to talk about Jolla’s Sailfish OS, and where I think it may fit in with the current smart phone line up, and how it competes.  After seeing the Edge campaign fail, which we all saw coming, and the split opinion on Canonical’s motives as a company, Sailfish OS may just be up your alley.  The question, is whether or not the average consumer cares vs. the computer community. Read the rest of this entry

Fix This! – Grub 2 Boot Recovery


What do you do when you can’t boot?  No, you don’t call The Ghostbusters.  Grub recovery is one of the most sought after questions from many Linux users, even above the beginner level.  It can be confusing, being left with a ‘Grub> ‘ prompt upon bootup.  I want to go through some good techniques to get yourself back on track.


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Family Friendly Linux on Ubuntu

This article I sifted through today gives a good rundown of many avenues you can pursue to create a Family Friendly Ubuntu setup.  There are other things that could be done, but this setup provides much of what most parents desire in access control for thier kids.  Enjoy.

Source: How to Geek


How-To Session: SSH into another Linux Machine


EDITOR UPDATE:  updated for new methodology and systemd

Today I am going to show you how to SSH into another linux box from anywhere! SSH is a powerful, encrypted command that enables you to essentially “log in” to you PC’s, via Terminal, and move files, change configurations, as if you were using Terminal at the remote host you are logging into.

Let’s start with the essentials:

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Game Time! – Strike Suit Zero for Linux

Strike Suit Zero is one of the better games out on Steam for Linux at the moment.  It features a captivating presentation, superb graphics, and great gameplay.   The opening intro is enough to draw you in for a cheaper priced game such as this.  The sense of scope and flight is right where it should be.  Many of these things over power the negatives I encountered.  On thing I did find odd, is that I never really could die/explode in my craft, and I was hit many times while fussing with the controls.  For an “indie” action game, it is quite well-off.

My only gripe?  The secondary (right) control stick on gamepad controllers like the Xbox 360 controller, is completely non-traditional in respects to other flight games you have ever played.  Instead of controlling pitch/yaw/roll and so on, it essentially moves just like the main (left) flight control stick.  If you are used to FPS games (which employ a similar “strafing” technique) and other games like Ace Combat, you will be left frustrated.  The mouse control method is passable, didn’t feel as strong as the gamepad.

Update: swapping your roll and yaw seems to make things a ton better.  See this post.

All in all though I can’t complain about the game, despite my gamepad “issues” I encountered, which I hope get ironed out in the long run.  I definitely recommend the game as a great Linux game, at a time when support in this area is only increasing.  Never though I’d see the day where so many games are appearing on Linux.


Steam store page:
Official Page:

How-To: Auto Upload Screenshots to Imgur (cross-platform)

Here is a quick tip to speed up your internet meme sharing prowess 🙂


  • gnome-screenshot
  • imgurbash
  • For ease of use, make a “imgur” directory under your “Pictures” home folder.

Optional Dependencies: (the URLs are put on the X selection for easy pasting.)

  • xsel
  • or
  • xclip is available,

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You’re doing it Right – Netflx Playback on Linux with Pipelight

The day has come! (well almost, but in my case this worked well).  Let’s take a step back in time.  The year is 2004, and I ran into several frustrations, including several proprietary plugins, programs, and utilities.  Today, many of that is either native in Linux, reverse engineered (chinese wall methods), or ran via layers such as mono and wine.  Netflix-Desktop works fairly well in several distributions, but I often grapple with it on its window placement over my other monitors.  Thanks to the Linux Action Show, I caught wind of Pipelight, and it is GRAND.  Read on for more! Read the rest of this entry

GamingOnLinux – Natural Selection 2 FPS/RTS Will Release On Linux August 30th

Soon folks!  Can’t wait!