Game Time! – Strike Suit Zero for Linux

Strike Suit Zero is one of the better games out on Steam for Linux at the moment.  It features a captivating presentation, superb graphics, and great gameplay.   The opening intro is enough to draw you in for a cheaper priced game such as this.  The sense of scope and flight is right where it should be.  Many of these things over power the negatives I encountered.  On thing I did find odd, is that I never really could die/explode in my craft, and I was hit many times while fussing with the controls.  For an “indie” action game, it is quite well-off.

My only gripe?  The secondary (right) control stick on gamepad controllers like the Xbox 360 controller, is completely non-traditional in respects to other flight games you have ever played.  Instead of controlling pitch/yaw/roll and so on, it essentially moves just like the main (left) flight control stick.  If you are used to FPS games (which employ a similar “strafing” technique) and other games like Ace Combat, you will be left frustrated.  The mouse control method is passable, didn’t feel as strong as the gamepad.

Update: swapping your roll and yaw seems to make things a ton better.  See this post.

All in all though I can’t complain about the game, despite my gamepad “issues” I encountered, which I hope get ironed out in the long run.  I definitely recommend the game as a great Linux game, at a time when support in this area is only increasing.  Never though I’d see the day where so many games are appearing on Linux.


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