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Watch “Modern Linux Servers with cgroups – Brandon Philips, CoreOS” on YouTube

Watch “Episode 1 – Mongo DB Is Web Scale” on YouTube

How To: Installing Citrix Receiver on Fedora (17/18/19)


Installing Citrix Reciver on Fedora  is quite a frustrating exercise if you do not know what you are doing, or can’t remember because it was over a year ago (me!).  I wanted to start this page as a go-to area for troubled users.  Before beginning, ensure you have the Fusion Repository, detailed here.

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John Carmack on SteamOS

Bankrupt Linux News | LINUX Unplugged 11 – [67:47]

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Things “Linux for Newbies” articles won’t tell you. (self.pcmasterrace)

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Linux Cauldron Reviews – Clementine

I do apologize for the screen tearing/clipping during this. I am not quite sure why it was acting up. The program did update, so its possible the latest upstream pacakge is a bit dodgy.

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Linux Cauldron How-To: Getting Started With Bitorrent Sync

Ubuntu 13.10 Review | LAS s29e02 – [86:56]

Linux Gaming: The Dark Mod

A fan of the Thief series on PC? This will be right up your alley then. Open Source meet Stealth at its best. Check out the video above for an insight into what the game can deliver. Source link is below. Enjoy!