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Software Spotlight: Conky Manager

Conky Manager GUI Menu

How many times have you installed a PC, even on arch, forgot to back up your ~/.conkyrc file and instantly felt dread at recreating all your hard earned custom configurations.  Why I love doing hard work on Arch linux setting up things, there are times, like with Conky, that i really wish I could just set things up.  Conky is one of those things, where from the default get go, even with a sample file, getting the most out of your conky setup requires a bit of research.  Not anymore!  Read on for more: Read the rest of this entry

Security: Connecting A Potentially Infected Hard Drive To Linux

I heard this question from time to time online, and it’s not an overly complicated answer, but I wanted to at least talk about this.  So you have a a potentially infected drive from Windows or another system.  What happens next?  Can you hook it up and be sure all will be well?  Read on for more… Read the rest of this entry

Linux Wallpaper: “Why Linux?”

Video Reel: Aalto Talk with Linus Torvalds

Very awesome Q&A with Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel.  Enjoy!


Annoucements: New Pages – Linux Certifications / Training,400,26,226-The_more_you_know.gifStarted a page under the Resources tab above, for information on Linux Certifications to help those seeking certification/accreditation.  I started this out of interest for tests that don’t cost 1000+ USD, as I can’t afford many of those.  Hopefully this helps people looking for tests.  Also started, was a training section for those seeking training.  Enjoy!


Linux Certifications: Linux Professional Insitute have been in search of not just online training, but certifications for Linux.  You know, so I can flash a paper in peoples faces like a big boy haha.  Well, one low-cost, but accredited certification is the LP-1 certification from the Linux Professional Institute.   Test costs are in the range of 150 to 200 USD, which is far less than Linux Foundation, Redhat tests and the like that go into the 1000+ USD range.  Below is some useful information.  Enjoy!



From Around The Web: 12 Cool Things Linux Is Used For That You Didn’t Know

untitledVery cool list of real world applications of Linux in the real world.  Even I was surprised at the nuclear powered submarine running RedHat… Pretty good read.  Hope you enjoy.



Video Reel: OSCON 2013: Jay Parikh “The Open Compute Project”

Very awesome presentation from OSCON 2013.

Source: O’Reilly Media (Youtube)

Open Gallery: What The Open Compute Project Has Done For Us





Credit to images goes to OpenCompute.

You can learn more about the project at



Feature Articles: Are We Living In A Post GPL World? Not Yet.


For a while now, I have realized that many developers have not been too kind of the GPLv3 license, in comparison to it’s predecessor, GPLv2.  GPL is still the clear leader in this respect, but numbers lately are discouraging for the long-standing GNU license model.  Looking further into license use under FOSS/OSS, led me to some other nice discoveries.

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