Software Spotlight: Conky Manager

Conky Manager GUI Menu

How many times have you installed a PC, even on arch, forgot to back up your ~/.conkyrc file and instantly felt dread at recreating all your hard earned custom configurations.  Why I love doing hard work on Arch linux setting up things, there are times, like with Conky, that i really wish I could just set things up.  Conky is one of those things, where from the default get go, even with a sample file, getting the most out of your conky setup requires a bit of research.  Not anymore!  Read on for more:

Dang, this is nice…

This Gui Conky configuration tool leaves little behind.  From the get go you have some nice pre-installed themes.  I am guessing it is not too much trouble to add more with the import tool here as well (something I need to test on old configs).  Each widget gets a unique configuration window in the manger, based on what you select.  This is a nice setup, and proves to be a good way to handle each component of your conky configuration.  The usual autostart option is available in the manager as well, negating any custom command put into your system settings control center.

What is great about this manager, is because its open souce, you can most certainly tweak your resulting setup afterwards.  Some of the themes have a little more text padding inbetween sections than I wanted, but other wise I can’t complian about this GUI tool really.  It makes conky finally accessible to virtually any user, that is as packages are made for other non-Ubuntu, or non-Arch systems (Which there might already be).  I would have liked a little more fine tuning on the widget editor, but its a good start!

To configure conky-manager more, and fine tune somet aspects more, delve into your ~/conky-manger folder, and open the ‘’ file to find out where your themes and widget configurations are stored.  I did this personally to remove the large Nvidia logo on the Nvidia Control Panel.  Your milage may vary…

There is also a nice theme pack on the developers blog, so themes should be the least of your worries. I am excited that there is a tool for conky, but feel ashamed I am taking the ‘easy way out’ But, I shouldn’t feel that way, just because I am an Arch user.  Heck, if it wasn’t for GUI programs, we wouldn’t be using half the stuff we have now.  I do plan on getting back on learning the core concepts of conky configuration after I play around with some options on this manager.  See the below source link for Ubuntu instructions.  Enjoy!

Screenshot from 2013-07-31 20:27:23

a sample conky file using the seamod theme and Nvidia control panel


Packages available:

Source: teejeetech


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