Quick Tip: Keep An Eye On Your Phone with Android Device Manager


To be honest I had no idea this feature was even on my phone, and this is coming from a guy who roots, unlocks, and updates his ROM and toolbox on a weekly basis. I have been in the security settings many times, but never did I think the access to this program had to be turned on in this particular spot. To enabled Android Device Manager, perform the following steps:


Open the settings menu and head to the “Security” section. Click on “Device Administrators”

Check the box to enable Android Device Manager

So, how do I use it?

Simply open a web browser, and navigate to “https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager” to manage your device.  You will be prompted to enter your Google ID details if you are not already signed into Google’s services.  I did not like the fact that I was not forced to re-enter my details, something that would be useful if someone sat down and opened this up by accident or intentionally.   


The Android Device Manager web interface

You can ring, lock, and erase your device, as well as see exactly where it is located on a map.  The interface is slick and very fast, with a simple overlay box.  I used to load applications on the side to get all this functionality, and I believe this feature was just added in the last few days.  In any case, it is a very nice and great feature to keep an eye on your device.  I would hope this is enabled by default in the future, but that is up to Google or your ROM developer of course.


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