Video Reel – Linux at CES 2014 | LAS s30e05

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SteamOS – Changing the Default Audio Device

Finally sat down to iron out a few audio quirks in my SteamOS audio setup.  Previously I had explored my sound issues on SteamOS and successfully got that ironed out.  However, some games seem to use not the audio setup from the “steam” profile, which launches the custom compositor and Steam itself, but the desktop users audio configuration.  Oddly enough, it is only a select few titles.  The solution?  Configure the default HDMI device under pulse.  Read on for more Read the rest of this entry

Move Over Gas Guzzlers, Give Me Steam – A SteamOS Editorial

Over the past several months, and especially the past few weeks, my experiences in Steam on Linux have grown exponentially.  To cap this off, as well as give my opinion on Pros and Cons of the current Beta experience, I decided to write an editorial about my experiences thus far.  In no way am I an authoritative voice on the subject, but an avid Linux power user, as well as an I.T. Professional in my day to day work.  I hope you find this meaningful and insightful.  Once SteamOS moves out of Beta, a follow-up editorial will likely follow. Read the rest of this entry

Announcement – Several Updates for SteamOS Audio Issues

I have done a little more digging on SteamOS audio issues, and added a few more possible fixes to the SteamOS Workarounds page.  As always, proceed with caution and backup critical data before hand.   I plan on doing a small editorial about my experiences thus far with SteamOS today, so be on the look out for that as well.


Video Reel – “Why XI3’s Piston Parted Ways With Valve”

An interesting perspective on what happend to the tiny Steam box that ran out of Gas


Security Cell – “How did the NSA hack our emails?”

I wanted to share this video, largly due to it affects all of us, even Linux users.  A hot topic right now, no doubt.  Enjoy.

Thanks in big part to Numberphile on Youtube


Announcement: Updates to Adobe Flash / Google Play documents

I made a few new sections in the “How-To: Amazon Instant Video Under Linux” article.  Added some steps for Arch users and a few other pieces of information.  Enjoy.


Full Live Stream Capture of the 2014 “Chaos Computer Club” Hacker Event


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Steam Arcade – “Dust: An Elysian Tail”

A shoddy review of “Dust: An Elysian Tale” 🙂


Gallery: The 13 Steam Machines and all of their glorious variety | Ars Technica