Linux Game Review: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome

Yes, that is the real name of this game.  AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, is literally one of the freshest games I have come across on Steam lately.  I was sceptical to hit the buy button, but with a current price of 4.49 USD for the Steam Holiday Sale, I couldn’t resist.  So, how did it stack up?  Read on for more

Ahhh_for_the awesome

LC Info Box for AFTA


AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, which from here on down, will be referred to AFTA, is amazing.  I did not think I would have this much fun from a game which spans 42 characters in its title, but I did.  Have you ever wondered what skydiving was like in the future, how surreal it could be?  Didn’t think so, but this game accomplishes this feat on a huge level

Presentation [4/5]

From the opening screen, you are taken into the “in your face” nature of the game.  The menu is very well constructed on the main screen, with each button being in the corner, leaving the main title to shine in all its glory.  In the game level select menu however, I felt the icons were a bit cramped and that the selection  process could be a bit better.  Maybe a few colour choices for the boxes are in need, but still, it was definitely workable, and a minor personal gripe for me.  In summary, the developers have a real knack for making the fonts, graphics, and overall look, hip and appropriate for all you young “whipper-snappers.”  The graphics for the game are not the most polished, but nor do they need to be, especially since this is an Indie game.  Objects whiz by with grace and you barely notice any resolution differences between them.

Gameplay [4/5]

The game itself is amazingly simple.  You “sky dive” off a platform, performing various tricks, such as flipping the bird to passerbys, sticking close to objects, and flying through obstacles, all while getting a complete rush in the process.  If there was any game that could champion the sport of “squirrel suit” flying, this would be it.  Seriously, it could be a training simulator.  Mouse sensitivity, or a controller if you use it, will feel a bit sluggish at first, but you’ll soon realize it is perfect, given the precise control you want when near objects.  The only con I really had for the controls, was depressing the left joystick paused the game, which I did many times by accident when things got tense.

AFTA maintains control in every situation, and the virtual mouse for gamepad support is near perfect.  The only time I had an issue with this, was the first two training tutorials, in which you watch a video and have to exit by hitting Esc.  The only way I could seemingly do this, was to hook up my micro-keyboard, and hit Esc on that.  Small annoyance, but still one that could stop controller-only SteamOS players dead in their tracks.  Once you were past that, it was smooth sailing, and the developers really seemed to do a good job mixing the joystick support with the right joystick acting gas the mouse, and the Start button acting as a confirmation.  A small gripe was the left joystick would not always register a LEFT | RIGHT | UP | DOWN joystick movement, which I got over, but still something to note.

All in all, the game play is superb, and I doubt after several levels, you will be dissatisfied.

Soundtrack [4/5]

This game, aside from Rocketbirds’ custom soundtrack, is one of the best soundtracks in a Linux Steam game I have (of 54 titles owned).  From atmospheric tracks of pure bliss, to raunchy hardcore rock tunes, the tracks do not disappoint in the list.  Most tunes effortlessly and seamlessly integrate into the sound effects and free fall sound effects.  I have to give the developers a ton of praise for the work done here to make the game flow and feel intense, enjoyable, and a joy to play.

Final Thoughts

AFTA is one seriously great game for casual gamers, and anyone really, especially for people with short attention spans like me.  I decided to give it a quick non-professional review, since I enjoyed the title so much.  Hopefully I can also find the soundtrack to the game too.  The holiday sale should still be going on , so for under 5 USD, you really can’t go wrong.  The game has definite lastability into and has loads of potential for replay value.  The level design allows for tons of DLC .  Having won several game and Indie awards definitely helps as well.  Be sure to see the source links at the bottom of this article for more.  Now…time to get outside, i’ve been a shutin today 🙂

Source Links:
Developer Website
Store Page For The Game
Occulus Rift Demonstration


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