Coin Op: Xonotic for Linux

The overview:

Came across this title today after hearing about it while searching for its precursor (keep in mind this is a fork, not a sequel), Nexuiz.  This game is solid.  It runs fast, it plays fast, and the graphics are very nice.  It still runs off a heavily modified version of the good ol’ Quake engine, but you would hardly know, as it looks that good.  Using the modified engine, the Dark Places engine, Xonotic’s team’s vision is to have the best Open Source FPS game for Linux.  Read on for more…


Gameplay is slick.  Framerates are high, even when the action gets heavy.  The game contains many gameplay modes, much of what you already know from games such as Unreal Tournament and Quake.  There are some unique elements that set the game apart, such as the heavy focus on movement and the environment around you, geometry wise.  I was quite pleased by the weapons, and it will only get better as time progresses, now that a very eager and new team is on the trail (that parted from Nexuiz).   Check out some media below:

That’s it.  Give it a try and if you wish, leave your impressions in the comments section below.



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