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Book Spotlight: Linux Pocket Guide

Essential Commands

Always in search of a good Linux book, I picked up the latest edition of this handy …errr…handbook, by the righteous and ever awesome, O’ Reilly Media.  It is a great resource to keep on hand, especially when your “higher power” has stricken you of your memory and you can’t remember how the hell to use rysnc…or what the hell the dd command is.  It is the “Google” of Linux commands, and often I find the answer in this book before I do online.

The book is written into sections on what topic/area of use you are looking for, and that makes it one step above other, straightforward dictionary type handbooks.  The back pages of the books do list commands by letter.  I am a big fan of O’ Reilly’s books, and this one does not disappoint   You might surprise yourself and open it up to a random page and try a new command, just like this dork!

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