By The Beard Of Zeus! – VLC and libbdplus for Blu-ray Playback

Thanks to the fine folks at phoronix, I caught wind of the VIdeoLAN project making an update to their Blu-ray library, enabling new features such as BD-J Java and more.  Just around this time as well, is another project making a splash, libbdplus.  This library bounced in and out of obscurity, but finally has seen the light of day.  Could this mean live play back for moves you acutually own (see infographic below)?

Could this be finally it?  An equivalent to libdvdcss?


Click the image to expand

For many years now, I have been backing up my DVD’s and BluRays, eating up gobs and gobs of data.  Depending on your compression settings you could end up with a 2-8 GB file from your main Blu-ray title.  When I read this article today on libbdplus and also VideoLAN’s additions, I was estatic.  My hope is being able to play bought Blu-rays without having to rip them all to my hard drive. 

Some will yell and scream, proclaiming you should be backing up anyway, and DRM is evvvvvvil.  Yes, everyone knows that, but the sheer amount of time it takes to rip a large Blu-ray collection makes the “plug and play” option very attractive for many folks.  Also, we all know storage is cheap, but some of us can’t afford to keep buying drive after drive.  I will defintely be keeping an eye on on the VideoLAN project and any other avenue to enable Blu-ray playback.  As seen in the infographic above, pain is all you get when trying to use movies you bought in the first place. 


In the great words of William Wallace: “Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedommmmm!!!”



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