Fix This – Good Times

So I decided to put my more powerful Nvidia 560 Ti in the SteamBox downstairs, since I will be gaming primarily on that until I get a Steam box late next year (next years Christmas gift!?!?).  Hooked up the older Nvidia 8800 GTX on my office Arch Linux PC.  Rebooted, no network.  Well isn’t that nice.  Turns out, my network interface renamed itself from “enp3s0′ to ‘enp4s0′.  Awesome!  What was great as well, was ifconfig would not list it, but iwconfig would.  Could have happened right after today’s kernel update.  Anyway, a simple change under /etc/netctl, plus a disable/re-enable of its profile did the trick.  Who says Arch isn’t fun??? 🙂



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