FreeBSD Challenge: Day 09 of 30


Tonight I tried to get more acquainted with trying a few more desktops before I settled on one.  I landed on trusty good ol’ XFCE, and it’s cross distro strengths really show.  I did take a gander a several commands in the handbook, and thankfully many of them are basic ones I use on Linux as well.  While some programs seem out of date or not available, working more with the ports system leaves me rest assured I can find most common software.  I likely will end up with PC-BSD on my new ZaReason laptop.  But, I have to say, it is quite fun learning the underpinnings of it with FreeBSD.  I won’t know

Once I get my hands on PC-BSD, later on, I’m sure I will be allured to its easy to set up allure.  I really should get going, but tinkering is too much fun.  Dr. Who is distracting me…


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