Good chance of “Black Mesa: Source” Coming To Linux!

Although Black Mesa: Source began from a humble beginning, as an alternative mod to Half Life, a version to be a true conversion of the original Half Life video game over to Valve’s Source Engine, Linux may be in the sights.   Hopefully enough demand builds up for this to be possible, and enough manpower exists on the developer team.  I would keep this one on your radar folks.

For now, the game is playable under Wine or the commercial counterpart, Crossover.

[Forum Excerpt Below]

Which version of Source is used in the Mod?

The Orange Box version (Source SDK 2007, used in Half-Life 2: Episode Two) [3].

However, for the upcoming Steam release, Black Mesa is being ported to the Source 2013 engine, which supports Valve’s SteamPipe content distribution system and can be run on Mac OS and Linux [4], although the Black Mesa Dev Team currently has no plan to support Mac and Linux natively [5].

The retail version of Black Mesa will use an even newer, undisclosed version of the Source engine [6].



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