FreeBSD Challenge: Day 05 of 30

The Legend Continues: The Return Of the Macbook


The Macbook lives!  Rather than progress what I have done on the VirtualBox instance of my FreeBSD installation, I will opt to start the install, now that I have more of a hang of it, on the Macbook.  In some reading, I may have some issues, but what’s the point of a challenge without…a challenge right?  Torx screwdriver, hardrive, and FreeBSD disc in hand, I am ready to Begin.  But first a few words.

BSD Now Post Write-up

Very big thanks out to BSD Now for the mention on the show today.  Be sure to keep an eye out later on for the youtube upload, which I will pin the timecode down in case you want to just want the mention.  I was quite honored that in the show notes I was listed a member of the Linux Foundation.  Technically speaking, I pay my dues folks, but I’m just the same as all of you out there, ever learning and grasping Unix and Linux.  Sure, my day job is in I.T., but not specifically Linux/Unix directly.

I was quite embarrassed to have used a an older version of the BSD Handbook’s installation guide.  This was quite evident when my use of grandpa ‘pkg_add’ was noted, as I actually dug up a FreeBSD 8.x installation handbook as I searched for installation tips.  Quite embarrassing indeed.  This time should be much nicer, and more clean, as I found out.  Hey, mistakes happen, and I’m still glad I did what I did.  The question also arose of “Why FreeBSD over PC-BSD for a new user?”  As a matter of fact, I did check out PC-BSD, and wanted the challenge.  Call me addicted to pain and suffering, but the pride and accomplishment you feel from diving into FreeBSD is quite rewarding.  In the end, I may end up with PC-BSD, which all hinges on how well the Macbook turns out after a few days of testing.

After all, one of the main reasons I left Windows was the mundane nature of the system.  Unix and Linux give me absolute freedom, control, and a daily challenge that results in pure bliss each and every day.  If it wasn’t for my love of Linux, I would still be quite bored.  I have found a new love for solving issues, puzzles, and technical mountains in my right of passage.  Cutting fully over to Linux 2 years ago was the best thing I could have ever done.  Enough of this dribble, let’s get down to the FreeBSD Macbook experience.

Sour News Tonight…

After doing a lot of testing, and swapping drives, my Macbook Pro will not recognize any hardrive whatsoever, formatted or not.  At first I thought either the drive was bad or the partition table was messed up.  I’ve been doing a lot of looking around tonight for another.  Man…right after my fridge died too…



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