FreeBSD 101: You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Textbook…

Thank you to koobs of #freebsd on  Below is a handy guide to get you going on your FreeBSD ventures, complete with a few handy tips that should serve you well.  Enjoy.  Stop back later today for Day 2 of the FreeBSD 30 Day Challenge.

FreeBSD 101 – Bootstrap

1) First “You must unlearn what you have learned” -Yoda
2) The FreeBSD Handbook –
3) Base and Local are separate (/* and /usr/local/*)
4) Leverage the strength of ports, don’t sell out to packages.
4.1) Keep your ports tree updated. portsnap – use it (It comes with base)
4.2) Freshports
4.3) portmaster – love it, use it (
5) /etc/rc.conf is your configuration home.
6) Get help
6.1) Twitter: @FreeBSDHelp and hashtag #FreeBSD
6.1) IRC: #FreeBSD (You’ll need to register your nickname first)
6.2) Forums:


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