OneNote Alternatives: Cherrytree Notes

The other day I showcased Zim Desktop Wiki, and briefly mentioned BasKetNotes (from the Qt world) as possible alternatives to Microsoft’s OneNote application.  I was still at a crossroads, due to the obvious fact that BasKet Notes was more full-featured, but has not been updated since 2010, and was not likely to be picked up again anytime soon.   Luckily a fine user on Reddit from the Linux Action Show userbase suggested Cherrytree Notes, which goes above Zim Notes, and appears to be designed with the much more appealing Qt graphical framework over GTK.

Much more than Zim

Cherrytree Notes is the good niche between Zim Desktop Wiki and BasKet, while still being an actively developed application (evident by developer responses still being made in the forums).  Like the other applications mentioned, Cherrytree Notes is a hierarchical note taking application with several features to support your note taking habits.  As soon as I hit the developer’s website, I was impressed.  Let’s go on to find out what this puppy can really do.

Features, and features of the FUTURE!

Cherrytree Notes supports 11 languages, nothing short of amazing, with complete user documentation (thanks to Robert Boudreau).  It also supports Theming options and visual candy adherence on KDE’s desktop environment, much in thanks to the Qt toolkit, on which it was built.  The most important feature the application supports is common export options to formats such as HTML, PDF, and plain text.  This is highly valuable in case, like BasKet the developers move on and you need to switch to another platform.  The application is highly versatile, and supports the following current features:

  • Links of many types
  • Nodes and Node searching and manipulation
  • Code, Code snippets, and syntax highlighting
  • Rich text formatting, including foreground, background, bold, italic, underline, h1, h2, h3, and more!)
  • Image handling, including image manipulation and export options
  • Bullet lists, and numbered lists
  • Spellcheck
  • Cross-application copy/paste
  • Export options including save as PDF, HTML, and plain text so if you move to another platform you won’t loose all your notes!
  • Import options for basket, cherrytree, gnote, keepnote, keynote, knowit, mempad, notecase, tomboy, treepad lite, tuxcards, and Zim!
  • Password protection
  • Tree structure drag and drop capability

In the future, the developers plan on adding many improvements to the UI and feature set, all of which can be found at the main website.  Of these I am most excited about tabbed notebooks (so like OneNote, I can have several open at once), picture editing by external applications, zooming options, .odt export capability, additional backup options, and an Android application!   So far, CherryTree Notes is the most promising note taking application I have found to replace OneNote, and happily suggest it as a solution to OneNote at the time of writing. 



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