Video Reel: Blender

Blender is a well known, awesome Open Source 3D computer graphics application used to create all sorts of fantastic animations, visual effects, motion video, 3D models and more!  What is sweet about blender, is that it also has a built in game engine.  Supporting tons of effects and features, Blender is one amazing Open Source project that helps bring us all together and collaborate like never before.  Above is just some of the amazing examples of what Blender can do.

Be sure to check out the contributors listed on youtube (posted here for posterity).  There are some amazing open, full movies, on display.


Head on past the break for some other neat blender videos. One of my more favorite Blender 3D shorts (edit: I’m a huge Tarantino fan):

Some others you might enjoy:

Video Reel from source link:

Contributors (in order of apparence, with duplicate removed):
Babioles – Mathieu Auvray
Tank Online Trailer – Trailers Studio
Potato –
Mineral water – Alexander Lubkov
Orange – CharacterMill for ShowPony Adelaide
Water – Ian McGlasham
Baldy Heights – Pitchipoy Animation Productions
Strawberry – Alexandre Faiad
Steven Lund
Gecko Animation for Windfall Films/Royal Institution
Golden Age – Rob Tuytel
Snowy Mountain – Steven Lund
White Trees – George Kim
Tears of Steel – Blender Institute
R’ha – Kaleb Lechowski
Dynamo Ep5 – Ian Hubert
Tears of Steel – Blender Institute
Lukasz “LoogaS” Stolarski for Mokre Pały band
The Tube Open Movie – URCHN
Coca Cola – Gilad Rosenau
R’ha – Kaleb Lechowski
Architectural Visualization – Hamza CHEGGOUR
Interior – Andrew Price –
Babioles – Mathieu Auvray
Mission of Crisis – Ethan Luo
En Passant – Chris Burton
Llama Drama – Pablo Vazquez
Chef – 1 ToonAnimation
The Adventure of Wanara – OHA Studios for Mechanimotion Entertainment
FAB Design
Black Cat –
The Tube Open Movie – URCHN
Alt-J – Mathieu Auvray
Tears of Steel – Blender Institute
Baseball – zuggamastaDIGITAL
Goldfish Man – Redrum
Dynamo Ep5 – Ian Hubert
Tears of Steel – Blender Institute
Dynamo Ep5 – Ian Hubert


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