Bwahaha! I have won…

Well sort of.  The parents are willing to give Linux another try, and what better way to transition them than Zorin OS!  Zoin OS is pretty much the closest you  can get to an easy migration of a Windows 7 user to Linux, short of ReactOS.  I’ll post back their initial impressions, and a week update to let you all know how it went.

Viva el Linux,



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  1. anthonyvenable110

    Thats awesome! I hope things work well for them!

    • professorkaos64

      So fat they love it! I actually have them on Xubuntu right now since its a little bit older hardware. Mom has her AOL just fine haha.

      • anthonyvenable110

        AOL? Are you serious? I remember getting those CDs in the mail

      • professorkaos64

        Yea, I have gotten them on gmail for a bit, but that seemed to fizzle out. Well linux is a great start or leap ahead? Even Linux users though in the future will eventually have to watch for phishing attacks, which is always user error and hardly ever the fault of the system.

      • anthonyvenable110

        Thats cool and thanks for the reminder

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