Quick Tip: Moving Around Workspaces In Cinnamon

Just a quick tip on moving around the Cinninmon Desktop. Here are some quick commands to move around while using a Cinnamon DE.  What is unknown to some, is that while cinnamon has its own control center, a good portion of the old gnome control center is still needed to officiate some things such as Power Management.  Keep in mind, the WINDOWS key is mapped to the cinnamon menu.  For now, let’s just look at moving around:

Activating scale (i.e. ‘expose’)

  • Done via Hot Corners control center setting or ‘CTRL+ALT+DOWN’
  • Window selection:
    • Relase CTRL+ALT , LEFT or RIGHT ARROW will select a different window
    • PRESS ENTER to select a different window in that workspace
  • Retaining expose look to next workspace:
    • Continue to hold down CTRL+ALT , the press LEFT or RIGHT to switch workspaces will retaing the expose function.
  • Press DOWN again to return back if no window is selected

Activating Workspace Switcher

  • Done via Hot Corners control center setting or ‘CTRL+ALT-UP’
  • LEFT or RIGHT to select a workspace
  • Selecting a workspace opens the last open application in that workspace, you can’t as far as I know activate expose via this method

Classic Workspace switcher:

  • Perform CTRL+ALT+ LEFT or RIGHT to cycle through workspaces
  • While still holding CTRL+ALT:
    • press UP to activate the global workspace switcher
    • Press DOWN to activate “expose” (i.e. scale)


Version Tested: Cinnamon 1.8.8


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