Software Spotlight: iotop and atop

Bits and bytes!  Holy cow.  If you’ve ever ran the command top, you’d eventually find, that by intention it is only for standard IO viewing.  But, what if you want to monitor disk usage in conjunction with this data?  This is where we see iotop shine.  iotop is a handy simple CLI tool to get a read out of just where your disk usage is going, and if programs are even utilizing that fancy new SSD @ 6Gbp/s 🙂  It is definitely worth a try.


sudo apt-get install iotop
sudo yum install iotop

Now, if you desire a megaton-crapload of nice information, I highly suggest you check out atop then.  atop is one of the most robust CLI monitoring tools I have come across, and it definitely shows.  atop will give you a general overview on startup, but hitting hotkeys such as “d” for disk usage, give it a big advantage.    Here are some other examples:

  • d – disk usage
  • m – memory details
  • n – network details
  • g – generic info (this is what you see at startup)

Check out the man page for atop if you are interested in more.

That’s it for today’s Software Spotlight.  Leave questions or comments below



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