News Reel – Linux kernel 3.10 released!

Usually I don’t like re-blogging news, as it is never the focus of my posts, rather useful things for all breadths of users.    But this is cause for hazzah’s and chip-cherio’s.  The 3.10 Linux kernel has been released to the wild.  You will see adoption likely to occur on bleeding edge and major distros first, so stay tuned.    This release marks some serious changes, namely over 11,900 of them ^_^.  Of concern though, is the ever increasing size of the kernel.  You can compare other kernels here.

Changes include SSD/HDD caching framework with BCache (yay!), Intel Haswell architecture support, improved power management (my Laptop will rejoice!), full dynamic ticks for High Performance Computing, and improvements for AMD and ARM based processors.  There are some other changes that I’m sure you can find on the net.

Now, you can go ahead and bump your kernel up, but do so with caution.  For most users, I would definitely suggest waiting.  I for one, will load a VM to test out these new goodies and benchmark my Intel 240 SSD with a few tools such as Phoronix Test Suite.  A list of changes can be found in a mailing list post here.

Happy computing,



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