30 Days of GNU/Linux : Day 16

I finally got around to putting together a bash script to backup my major drive.  Here is the script:  simple but it works well, and I love rsync to death, what does anyone here use to backup?  Well anyway, thanks to several links around the web, I worked out a few kinks with permissions, I mean hey, I’m a bit rusty after a few years from the more technical stuff.  Then I setup the cron job so it runs everyday.  Interested to see how this incremental backup approach works with hardlinks in the incremental folders.

Also, I have been testing XBMC performance on a few devices to really gauge XBMC vs Plex Media Server in these areas (scale 1-10):

  • Plex Media Server+ Roku Plex App (8/10)
  • XBMC on Ouya (5/10)
  • XBMC on my HTPC | Core 2 Duo , 2 Ghz, Dell Gx760, 4GB RAM (7/10)
  • XBMC on Raspberry Pi | Model B board | Raspbmc (6/10)
  • Plex on Raspberry Pi | Model B board | Rasplex

Well, now that my backup plan is 90% done, minus some testing after the fact, definitely going to get around to setting up SSH access again, and possibly the FTP server again.  I will be using my ol’ SSH instructions I posted here way back, and updating the bits that no longer work or apply to my main distribution arch, Debian.



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