Hot Hardware : The Little Black Box

Google it, I dare you.  “little black box” will likely present you with a Lingerie store, so be sure to search “little black box media player.”  That stated, I wanted to present this nifty little piece of hardware today.  That hardware is The Little Black Box.

Read on for more.

What it is:

The Little Black Box is a self-contained all in one media device, much like the Roku player, but runs exclusively on XBMC.  It’s enthusiasm for itself is hugely evident in its presentation on its website.  The info tab is a little hidden and can be found here.  Because it employs XBMC at its core, the box will play literally whatever you throw at it.  The unit has full integrated Wi-Fi, as well as a well designed remote.  The Little Black Box even adds it own purple spin to the theme.  Let’s look at the specs:

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 3 cm
Chipset Family ARM Cortex A9
Chipset Model Amlogic 8726-M3
Chipset GPU Mali400
Intern Geheugen 1GB
Intern Opslag 4GB
USB 2 keer
LAN 10/100 MBit
WIFI a/b/g/n
Video Output HDMI
Audio Output HDMI
Max Resolutie

1080p [Full HD]

Why should I care?

You should care if you are interested in a professionally done implementation of XBMC.  Sure, you could setup an HTPC, as I have done, but tends to be much more costly in hardware/attachments.  Yes, XBMC runs on a Raspberry Pi, which is a lot* less, but also requires extra hardware for full usage (remotes, optional wifi, and so on).  This is the complete solution.  Just take a look at the remote that comes with the unit:

6-28-2013 10-08-54This alone is enough to make me want to pick one up (if I had the extra funds).

How can I get one?

At time of writing, pre-orders are full, but keep an eye on this little thing, which is not so little, considering its capabilities.

If you are in the US, bookmark this page:

If you are “English” , i.e. British, this page:

All in all, a nifty product to keep an eye out for, if you are in fact interested in a refined XBMC box.  I know I am, despite owning a Raspberry Pi, and this little baby will most likely end up on my Holiday shopping list.



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