Software Spotlight : Duplicity

So you like Rsync? (*roar from crowd*), and you like encryption? (*louder crowd roar*), then you’ll LOVE duplicity for Linux!!! (…*what*?).  Duplicity for Linux is a superb piece of software that does backup right.  So for example, your primarily an Arch Linux user, and your wary of things breaking from time to time (which many are), then this is your ticket.  Sure, rsync plus a cron job is fun, but check this out:

What duplicity does: 

Duplicity has great support for several utilities to aid its end result of backing up the system.  My particular favorite technology they support is rsync, which you can read the man page here.  Encryption is done on the client side, so if* you choose to take your files online, what you upload to Amazon S3 or any cloud service is minimal.  Local file storage is fine, if that is all you want, such as a USB drive or SD card.  The program is very bandwidth efficient.

Where to get it:

How to implement it:

The application does not require a GUI, which is highly important when your distro blows up and all you are left with is a CLI.  And, if you backup to a service like Amazon S3, and have an online connection, restoring is a breeze.  You can make a shell script to automate a lot of this, so it is quite easy (an example script can be found here, and here).  You can gear duplicity to implement incremental backups if you wish, as noted in the second example script link above this.

The second script example above is a great example of how to implement duplicity on  your system.  Using so, will also try resume backups that have failed or have been pause/stopped if specified.  You can also exclude file types and files if need be.

Final thoughts

Duplicity is a nice complement to other technologies such as rsync.  Its added encryption (using GnuPG) is quite nice, as well as its parameters that can be set in the CLI commands.  As I tool more with this, I may add additional thoughts (once my initial backup is complete!).  If you, or others, have used this software, and have any thoughts or suggestions, leave them below and I will be sure to credit you and add them to this post.



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