Sad Crab: That time again…

It’s that time of the year again for me to renew my Linux Foundation dues…. UGH.    There goes the good ol’ green stuff’  On a brighter note, you get many discounts, and access to lots of interesting articles and more!  There are many reasons to become a member, notably the chance to support GNU\Linux.

Linux Foundation Benefits:

  • Your own email address. Don’t suffer from
  • A weekly “Briefing Book” with news, technical tips, and analysis to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • The ability to run for and vote for a Linux Foundation board seat and influence the direction of the foundation
  • Exclusive access to Member-only benefits at Linux Foundation events when available

Discounts that pay for the cost of membership and then some:

  • Employee Purchase Pricing at Dell, HP, and Lenovo – Save up to 40% on Your Purchases of Hardware and Accessories
  • 20% off of Linux Foundation LinuxCon Registration Fees.
  • 20% off of merchandise at the Store, featuring cool shirts and more
  • Up to 10% Discount on registration fees for Linux Foundation Training – The Savings Could Pay for Membership with Just One Use
  • 35% off O’Reilly Books and E-Books
  • 35% off No Starch Press Publications
  • 50% off Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)

Join now at:

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