Quick Tip: Change Your rEFIt Boot Order

Yea yea yea, I still have a partition for Mac OS X. Why? Primarily as a fallback just in case my system has an issue, and I need it for work.  I am regularly on call, and having a backup is just plain smart.  Also, Mac OS X as a Virtual Machine has always been less than ideal for me anyway.

That said, this quick tip will tell you what .conf file to modify so that when you boot up with rEFIt, Linux will be the default operating system.  That’s good! Viva la Linux!  Read on…

First, boot into Mac OS X and open the Terminal  You need to edit this file: /efi/refit/refit.conf. Down the bottom is a section like this, uncomment the “default_selection” line, and change the selection code to “L,” for Linux.  That’s it!!!

# Set the default menu selection.  The available arguments match the
# keyboard accelerators available within rEFIt.  You may select the default
# loader using a one-character abbreviation for the OS name ("M" = Mac OS X,
# "L" = Linux, "W" = Windows).  You may also specify a digit between 1 and
# 9, in which case the Nth loader in the menu will be the default.  You can
# also select a rEFIt tool entry ("S" = EFI Shell, "P" = Partitioning Tool,
# "U" = shutdown).  This is intended as a quick fix to change the default
# boot choice until full configurability arrives.
default_selection L

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